Belleville Junction to Fairbury

From the junction between the line northeast towards Omaha and the line south-southeast towards McFarland, at Belleville Junction, the former heads north-northeast, single track, Automatic Block System, maximum speed 40 mph, turning northeast, past the 880 ft. spur at Munden (MP 181.6), the 840 ft. spur at Narka (MP 174.8), and the 6,164 ft. siding and 1,160 ft. spur at Mahaska (MP 170.3), turning north past the border between Kansas and Nebraska, and curvily northeast, past the flat crossing with the BN at BN Crossing (Thompson, MP 163.7), the start of Yard Limits at  MP 157+, MP 156, where the maximum speed falls to 35 mph, and the flat crossing with the UP line from Gibbon Junction at UP Crossing (MP 155.8), to the yard at Fairbury (MP 155.5), where another Rock Island line trails in on the north side.