Council Bluffs to Rigg

From the Council Bluffs Pool Yard, where the various lines east of Council Bluffs separate, the Rock Island heads east, Two Main Tracks, Rules 400 to 406, maximum speed 20 mph, turning south-southeast, with the Milwaukee Road tracks just to the south, past the Council Bluffs RI depot (MP 488.8), a wooden building located on the north side of the tracks with a road crossing just to its east, a flat crossing with the North-south BN line, and the Council Bluffs Yard (Bluffs, MP 487.8), where the maximum speed increases to 30 mph, and then making a sweeping curve around to the north-northeast, to Rigg (MP 486), where the line splits, one heading just east of due north, with the Milwaukee Road alongside to its east, and one turning east-northeast, and making a flat crossing with the Milwaukee Road, maximum speed now 50 mph.