Pullman Junction (Denver) to Limon

From the junction at Pullman (MP 638.2), where there is a yard and an east quadrant connector with the line north to Cheyenne, the Salina Branch heads east, double track, Yard Limits, dark territory (no signals), maximum speed 15 mph, past MP 637.5, where the maximum speed rises to 40 mph, a bridge over an industrial track, two industrial spurs on the north side, an industrial loop on the north side, industrial spurs on the south side, the other end of the industrial loop, a spur at Sandown (MP 634.5), where a Rock Island branch once trailed in on the north side, a bridge over Sand Creek, the tunnel under the runway at Stapleton Airport (MP 633.38), with associated signals and trackside warning detectors on either side, a wye on the north side with the line to Rocky Mountain Arsenal, the start of single track, and a spur at Roydale (MP 631.9).

The line turns just south of due east, past the south side siding at Sable (MP 630.5), where US Air Force tracks once departed on the south side, east past a spur at Magee (MP 628.1), a spur at Mesa (MP 625.0), just south of due east, past the end of Yard Limits and start of Track Warrant Control at MP 624.0, and a spur at Wattenberg (MP 622.5), northeast and then east again, past the south side siding at Watkins (MP 618.4), Manilla, and the south side siding at Bennett (MP 609.3), south and east again, past a spur at Strasburg (MP 602.5), south, east-northeast, and east-southeast, past a spur at Byers (MP 596.4), south-southeast, past Peoria, a spur at Deer Trail (MP 584.0), Lowland, and the south side siding at Agate (MP 571.7).

There is a turn to the south, past Buick, south-southeast, south to the south side siding at Cedar Point (MP 563.0), east, south, east, south past River Bend, and east-southeast to a spur at Limon (MP 550.5), were the UP branch turns southeast, the Rock Island line from Colorado Springs trails in from the west, and the Rock Island line to Omaha departs to the east-northeast.