Elmwood Park to Harlem (St. Louis)

From the junction at Elmwood Park, where passenger trains once headed away south towards St. Louis Union Station, freights continued east, single track, "Voice Control" (Rules 700 to 715), maximum speed 25 mph, past the flat crossing (10 mph on the crossing) with the St. Louis Belt & Terminal at MP 10.4, with connectors in northeast and southeast quadrants joining at RI Junction (MP 10.3), sidings on the north side at Pagedale, a bridge over the former Wabash, Wellston, Easton Avenue Junction (MP 7.2), and many industrial racks both north and south at Pickerel, West End Pillsbury Siding, Kingshighway, and East End Pillsbury Siding, turning northeast to a wye at Harlem Yard, the south leg of which leads to the yard at Carrie Avenue (MP 2.6).