Fairbury to Summit (Omaha)

From the yard at Fairbury (MP 155.5), where another Rock Island line trails in on the north side, the line continues curvily northeast, single track, Automatic Block System, maximum speed 30 mph, past the end of Yard Limits at MP 154 and the 3,930 ft. siding and 1,040 ft. spur at Jansen (MP 149.7 from St, Joseph/MP 512.7 from Chicago), where the line to St. Joseph heads east, and the main line to Chicago turns north-northeast, past the 760 ft. spur at Plymouth (MP 602.0), DeWitt, a bridge over a BN line, and the 760 ft. spur at Clatonia (MP 588.6), turning just east of due north, past the 4,124 ft. siding and 1,080 ft. spur at Hallam (MP 582.3), the 7,449 ft. spur to a Nebraska Public Power power plant at Sheldon Station (MP 581.5), a bridge over a MoPac line, the 920 ft. spur at Martell (MP 575.3), and the 600 ft. spur at Rokeby (MP 569.8).

The line turns northeast, bridging over BN and UP lines, to College View Siding, where there is a spur to the north and the line turns north-northeast, bridging over a BN line, north, north-northwest, and north again, past the 2,880 ft. siding and yard (25 mph) at Lincoln (MP 561.4) and the flat crossing (25 mph) with the MoPac at MoPac crossing (MP 560.8), then northeast, past an intersection with the Omaha, Lincoln & Beatrice Railway, with the C&NW just to the north, then with the BN just to the north, east, past the 1,000 ft. spur at Havelock (MP 557.0), northeast and curvily east, past the 1,000 ft. spur at Prairie Home (MP 550.3) and the 4,476 ft. siding  and 760 ft. spur at Alvo (MP 543.0), northeast, past the 1,040 ft. spur at Murdock (MP 536.3), just east of due north, past the 360 ft. spur at South Bend (MP 531.0), and northeast, past the flat crossing wth the BN at BN Crossing (MP 530.5) and a bridge over the Platte River.

Running along the north bank of that river, the line turns southeast, past the 3,120 ft. spur for Western Sand and Gravel (MP 530.2), east-northeast, and then northeast, past the flat crossing with the MoPac at MoPac Crossing (MP 525.8) and the 4,367 ft. siding and 1,965 ft. spur at Louisville (MP 525.8), turning north, away from the river, northeast past the 680 ft. spur at Richfield (MP 518.1), east past Rumsey, northeast, bridging over a UP line past Seymour Park, north, northeast, past MP 508.x, where Yard Limits start and the maximum speed falls to 25 mph and the 2,860 ft. siding and 4,722 ft. spur at Albright (MP 507.8) to the flat crossing with a UP line at UP Crossing (MP 507.5), and then just west of due north, past the junction with the UP at CRI&P junction (MP 507.5), passing the Union Stock Yards on the west side of the line and beneath the BN main line to the junction of UP lines at Summit, whence the Rock Island uses the Two Main Track UP Main Line through to Council Bluffs (MP 487.8).