Limon to Belleville Junction

From the Yard (10 mph in local yard limtis) at Limon (MP 530.8), where the routes from Colorado Springs and Denver join, the line heads curvily east, single track, Automatic Block System, maximum speed 40 mph, past the 4,138 ft. siding and 1,560 ft. spur at Genoa (MP 520.7), Bovina, the 6,120 ft. siding and 2,800 ft. spur at Arriba (MP 508.8), Saugus, the 4,500 ft. siding and 1,240 ft. spur at Flagler (MP 497.3), the 2,624 ft. siding and 1,280 ft. spur at Seibert (MP 486.3), the 2,080 ft. spur at Vona (MP 479.3), the 7,638 ft. siding and 2,240 ft. spur at Stratton (MP 472.1), the 1,120 ft. spur for Great Western Sugar (MP 468.36), the 2,450 ft. spur at Bethune (MP 462.0), the 1,200 ft. spur at West Burlington (MP 455.7), the 5,074 ft. siding and 4,920 ft. spur at Burlington (MP 453.7), the 2,400 ft. spur at Peconic (MP 447.3), the border between Colorado and Kansas, and the 4,380 ft. siding and 2,840 ft. spur at Kanorado (MP 441.4).

The line continues east, past the 2,800 ft. spur at Ruleton (MP 433.4), the 480 ft. spur at Caruso (MP 429.3), the yard at Goodland (MP 423.8), the 4,040 ft. siding and 1,320 ft. spur at Edson (MP 415.1), the 1,800 ft. spur at Brewster (MP 405.8), the 1,280 ft. spur at Levant (MP 396.0), the 4,388 ft. siding and 3,280 ft. spur at Colby (MP 387.8), where two UP lines depart to the south and the line turns east-northeast, past the 7,102 ft. siding and 1,080 ft. spur at Gem (MP 379.8), the 240 ft. spur at Breton (MP 375.3), the 2,000 ft. spur at Rexford (MP 370.8), the 7,134 ft. siding and 2,320 ft. spur at Selden (MP 360.2), the 1,080 ft. spur at Dresden (MP 350.8), the 4,028 ft. siding and 1,320 ft. siding at Jennings (MP 342.4), the 840 ft. spur at Clayton (MP 335.0), and the 6,950 ft. siding at Robertson (MP 330.0).

There is a junction with aa BN branch coming from the north-northwest, that used to run alongside to the north, east of here, at CB&Q Junction (MP 325.9), and the line continues curvily east-northeast, past the 3,132 ft. siding at Lau (MP 319.0), the 10,544 ft. siding and 1,720 ft. spur at Norton (MP 318.0), and the 460 ft. spur at Calvert (MP 310.8), to the junction with at Almena Junction (MP 308.5), where that same BN line departs again on the north side, and the 720 ft. spur at Almena (MP 306.5), turning east-southeast, past the 880 ft. spur at Prairie View (MP 298.3), the 4,432 ft. siding and 960 ft. spur at Stuttgart (MP 291.5), and the yard at Phillipsburg (MP 283.9), where it turns curvily east, past the 880 ft. spur at Gretna (MP 277.7), the 10,544 ft. siding and 1,000 ft. spur at Agra (MP 272.7), the 1,240 ft. spur at Kensington (MP 268.1), and the 1,360 ft. spur at Athol (MP 262.1).

The line turns just north of due east, curvily, past the 4,664 ft. siding and 2,640 ft. spur at Smith Center (MP 254.1), the 1,480 ft. spur at Bellaire (MP 248.0), the 1,800 ft. spur at Lebanon (MP 241.5), the 4,094 ft. siding and 1,320 ft. spur at Esbon (MP 234.8), and the 840 ft. spur at Otego (MP 230.1), turning southeast and then curvily east again, past a bridge over a MoPac branch, the 5,200 ft. siding and 2,280 ft. spur at Mankato (MP 222.1), the 960 ft. spur at Montrose (MP 215.1), the 800 ft. spur at Formoso (MP 209.9), the flat crossing (35 mph on the crossing) with the Santa Fe at AT&SF Crossing (MP 204.9), the 4,150 ft. siding and 840 ft. spur at Courtland (MP 204.9), and the flat crossing (20 mph on the crossing) with the MoPac at MoPac Crossing (MP 198.8), curving about at Scandia, and then turning just north of due east, past the 760 ft. spur at Rydal (MP 194.0), and the yard (25 mph) at Belleville (MP 189.4), where a UP branch trails in from the south, to the junction between the line northeast towards Omaha and the line south-southeast towards McFarland, at Belleville Junction.