Rigg to Atlantic

From Rigg (MP 486), where the line splits, one heading just east of due north, with the Milwaukee Road alongside to its east, and one turning east-northeast, and making a flat crossing (40 mph on the crossing) with the Milwaukee Road at MP 484.x, maximum speed now 50 mph, single track, Automatic Block System, past Gilliat, a jog east and then north-northeast again, a 400 ft. spur at McClelland (MP 476.6), and the 6,306 ft. siding at Peter (MP 474.7), turning east (where the former Chicago Great Western continued north-northeast), past a 2,280 ft. spur at Hancock Junction (MP 459.3), where branches head north and south, just north of due east, past the 14,882 ft. siding (25 mph on the siding) and 280 ft. spur at Hillis (MP 455.6), and east again, to Audubon Junction (MP 440.7), where the other line from Rigg trails in on the north side, along with a short line and another Rock Island line, and a Rock Island branch departs to the south at a wye, and the 6,208 ft. siding and yard at Atlantic (MP 439.9), where a short line departs to the south.