Denver to Chicago (CRI&P)

Denver Union Station to Pullman Junction

Pullman Junction (Denver) to Limon

Roswell (Colorado Springs) to Limon

Limon to Belleville Junction

Belleville Junction to McFarland

From Denver to Limon has always been a Union Pacific line. Colorado Springs to Limon is abandoned. Limon east to McFarland and Mahaska was taken over by Kyle Railways after the Rock Island bankruptcy in 1980. From Mahaska (between Belleville and Fairbury), the line to Omaha was abandoned.

Belleville Junction to Fairbury

Fairbury to Summit (Omaha)

Summit to Council Bluffs

Summit to Council Bluffs has always been Union Pacific. The line east of Council Bluffs is now Iowa Interstate into Illinois, who also operate all the way to Blue Island. CSX owns the line from Bureau to Joliet, where Metra ownership takes over..

Council Bluffs to Rigg

Rigg to Atlantic

Atlantic to Des Moines

Des Moines to Altoona

Altoona to Homestead/Yocum Connection

Homestead/Yocum Connection to Davenport (Missouri River Junction)

Davenport to East Moline

East Moline to Bureau

Bureau to Joliet

Blue Island to Joliet

Gresham to Blue Island (Main Line)

Englewood to Gresham

Root Street Tower to Englewood

LaSalle Street Station to Root Street Tower