East Dubuque to Portage

From the flat crossing between the former CB&Q line coming south and the former Illinois Central Iowa Line at the east end of its river bridge at East Dubuque (MP 185.0), the former CB&Q makes a turn to the south-southeast, and the junction with the former Illinois Central Iowa Line coming from the north (i.e. on the east side) at East Cabin (MP 184.9), to form a joint line to Portage, the line heads southeast, double track (current-of-traffic), Track Warrant Control, speed limit 60 mph, sometimes separated, along the east bank of the Mississippi River, turning south-southeast past Menominee, southeast, and south-southeast to Portage (MP 172.3), still on the riverbank, where the former IC line turns away east while the former CB&Q continues south-southeast.