La Crosse to East Dubuque

From the flat crossing, with northwest quadrant connector, with the CP (former Milwaukee Road) at Grand Crossing (MP 299.9), where Yard Limits end, the line heads south-southeast, single track, CTC, speed limit 60 mph, turning south past Graf (MP 296.3), the replacement of single track, CTC, with Double Track, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, at Herrington, where the erstwhile CB&Q passenger line once trailed in from the northwest, Calvert, where the line is on the east bank of the Mississippi River again, Stoddard (MP 286.7), where the erstwhile La Crosse & Southeastern Railway once headed east, a crossover at Genoa (MP 280.7), Victory, a crossover at De Soto (MP 270.1), where a long curve to the southeast starts, following the riverbank, past detector at MP 267.1 and crossovers at Ferryville (MP 262.2).

The line turns just east of due south, still following the riverbank, and then just west of due south past a crossover at Lynxville (MP 254.4), south-southwest past Lock & Dam #9 on the river, south, away from the river, past additional track at Charme (MP 247.4), MP 241.4, where Yard Limits start, Prairie du Chien (MP 239.7), where Yard Limits end and Two Main Tracks, CTC, replace the DT, TWC, ABS, Crawford (MP 237.0), where a former Milwaukee Road line (now the Wisconsin & Calumet) crosses on the flat and single track, CTC, begins, a detector at MP 236.5, a bridge over the Wisconsin River, and Ports (MP 235.6), where the line returns to DT, TWC, ABS, returning to the riverbank past Wyalusing (MP 232.0), where it turns south-southeast, following the river, past a crossover at Bagley (MP 228.4), south past a crossover at Glen Haven (MP 222.8) and Lock & Dam #10 on the river, where it begins a bog turn to just south of due east, following the river.

There are crossovers at Cassville (MP 213.0), midway through the long curve, additional track at McCartney (MP 205.5), at its end, a crossover at Potosi (MP 200.0), a curve around to just east of due south, past detectors at MP 196.5 on the curve, a bridge over an inlet, a turn south-southeast and then just west of due south, the border between Wisconsin and Illinois, additional track at Dubuque (MP 186.0), the flat crossing with the former Illinois Central Iowa Line at the east end of its river bridge at East Dubuque (MP 185.0), a turn to the south-southeast, and the junction with the former Illinois Central Iowa Line coming from the north (i.e. on the east side) at East Cabin (MP 184.9), to form a joint line to Portage.