Portage to Savanna

From Portage (MP 172.3), on the east bank of the Mississippi River, where the former IC Iowa Line turns away east, the former CB&Q continues south-southeast, single track, CTC, speed limit 60 mph, past the 5,670 ft. center siding at Galena [Junction] (MP 171.6), where Double Track (current-of-traffic), Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals replaces the single track, CTC, with a 35 mph speed restriction on the turnout, and a branch from Galena itself once trailed in from the north, and detectors at MP 169.1, turning south, following the riverbank, south-southeast, away from the river, past additional track at Blanding (MP 163.8), the Savanna Army Depot between the line and the river, a crossover at Robinson Spur (MP 156.9), where there is a connection into the Army Depot, Proving Ground, a jog south, to return to the riverbank, and south-southeast again, a turn south at Marcus, a bridge carrying US 52 overhead, a 35 mph speed restriction beginning at MP 144.5, a flat crossing with the former Milwaukee Road line to Omaha at BNSF-CPRS Xing, as the line turns east, a bridge carrying SR 84 overhead, a crossover and yard at Savanna (MP 143.7), where Two Main Tracks, CTC, replaces the DT, TWC, ABS, a road bridge overhead, a turn to the south-southeast, a road bridge overhead, and the junction with the Galesburg line heading south-southwest at Plum River (MP 142.3), where the 2MT reduces to single track, CTC.