Melbourne to NJ Cabin

From Melbourne (MP 650.5), where the speed limit rises to 79-55, the now double track line runs along the Ohio River floodplain on the south side of the river, often with nothing but the rail line and a two-lane road between the river bank and the wooded bluffs alongside. Occasional populated areas occupy wide spots along the floodplain. The line turns southeast past Ross and then south-southeast, with passenger speed 75 mph on the curves (and on many others along the line), past Oneonta (MP 644.0), New Richmond (MP 641.9), where it reduces to single track with 40 mph on the turnout, and turns south-southeast, California, Mentor, where it turns south, ME Cabin (MP 536.2), where double track resumes with 40 mph on the turnout, crossovers at Carntown (MP 633.8), the end of double track with 40 mph on the turnout at Foster (MP 630.5), where the line turns east-southeast, Bradford, Elm Grove, Wellsburg, where a short line once headed south and the line turns east-northeast, the 10,670 ft. Augusta siding, on the north side (MP 621.8-619.6), 25 mph between MP 619.7 and 618.3, a detector at MP 616.4, where the line turns east and then southeast (70 mph curves), east past Dover, south past South Ripley, with speed limit 35 mph from MP 612.8 to 611.6, east past the beginning of double track with 40 mph on the turnout at LC Cabin (MP 608.4), south past a 6,038 ft, siding on the west side and crossovers at BH Cabin (MP 606.2), and at West Maysville (MP 603.4), and east at Maysville (MP 601.7), with speed limit 35 mph between MP 602.9 and 598.9, where a former L&N line from Winchester heads away south.

The line passes Bates, double track ends with 60 mph on the turnout at Springdale (MP 596.2), there is a detector at MP 593.6, and the line turns north-northeast to Trinity, east, east-northeast, southeast past the 14,740 ft. siding on the north side at Concord (MP 583.8-580.8), east past Chawley, Carr's and Rome, south past a detector at MP 573.0, east, with 65 mph on the curves, past Vanceburg (MP 572.0), with speed limit 30 mph between MP 572.2 and 571.2, northeast past Buena Vista, east past the 15,640 ft. siding on the north side at Garrison (MP 566.9-563.8), northeast past Quincy, Fire Brick and Kirkville, east at the start of double track with 40 mph on the turnout at South Portsmouth (MP 550.2), detectors at MP 551.3, Fullerton, a speed limit of 45 mph from MP 548.8 to MP 547.5, the South Portsmouth Amtrak station, a crossover at South Shore (MP 548.1) and at Taylor (MP 547.9), and Siloam, where the line turns south with 75 mph on the curve, to NJ Cabin (MP 542.9), where the line coming south across the big through truss bridge across the Ohio River trails in from the north.