NJ Cabin to Big Sandy Junction

At NJ Cabin (MP 542.9), after the double track Cincinnati line turns south, the double track line coming south across the big through truss bridge across the Ohio River trails in from the north, resulting in three tracks with crossovers connecting them all, speed limit 79-55. A 7,110 ft. siding begins on the west side, and ends at the crossovers at Limeville (MP 541.1), where a 4,370 ft. siding starts on the east side. The three tracks reduce to two at the crossovers at DG Cabin (MP 539.4), after which the line passes Grays Branch, and turns southeast (with passenger speed 70 mph on the curve), with speed limit reducing to 45-30 at MP 532.8, before the crossovers at Greenup (MP 532.4). Three tracks begin again at Riverton (MP 531.7), where the Eastern Kentucky once headed south, full speed limits resume at MP 530.8, passenger speeds are 70 mph on the curve east-southeast at MP 529.0 to 528.8, the line passes Wurtland, there are crossovers at RJ cabin (MP 527.8) at the west end of Russell Yard (MP 526.1), on the north/east side of the line, with a single passenger track bypassing the yard on its south side, speed limit 60-55, and speed limit 20 mph on the freight track entering the yard, with yard and passenger track turning southeast to follow the river bank.

The east end of the yard is at RU Cabin (MP 524.0), again with three tracks, speed limit 30 mph to MP 523.8, and then 65-50, past a street alongside to the south, an angled road bridge overhead, a highway (US 61) alongside to the south, a street to the south, a highway to the south, a grade crossing, streets on both sides, crossovers at NC Cabin (MP 521.0), MP 520.6, where the speed limit falls to 40 mph, two through-truss road bridges overhead, the passenger station with stone depot (later replaced by shelters) on the south side of the line at Ashland (MP 519.8), where the Lexington Industrial Track heads southwest to the Bailey Mine, the line turns south, past a pedestrian bridge overhead, MP 517, and there are signal bridges where the third track ends, a grade crossing, signal bridges and crossovers at Clyffeside (MP 516.7), where another third track starts on the south side of the line, the large AK Steel plant on the north side of the line (and the south bank of the Ohio River), a grade crossing at the east end of the plant, a signal bridge, four grade crossings in town, a signal  bridge, two more grade crossings in town, the former passenger station with its old depot on the north side at Catlettsburg (MP 514.6), two bridges over streets, the crossovers and signal bridges at Big Sandy Junction (MP 513.9), where the line that becomes the Clinchfield line heads away south and the third track ends as the main line turns east, past two bridges over streets and the through truss bridge over the Big Sandy River.