Ainsworth to Muscatine

From the junction with the Rock Island line from Knoxville, IA, trailing in from just north of due west, on the north side, at the 750 ft. spur at Ainsworth (MP 240.9), the main line turns curvily east, single track, ABS, Rules 400 to 406, maximum speed 40 mph, past the 6,145 ft. siding and 414 ft. west side spur at Cotter (MP 236.2), the flat crossing with a north-south Rock Island line at CRI&P Crossing (MP 230.8), the yard at Columbus Junction (MP 230.8), and bridges over the Iowa River and Cedar River (in close proximity to one another), turning east-northeast past the 6,230 ft. siding and 584 ft. spur at Fredonia (MP 228.7), east past the 6,233 ft. siding and 914 ft. spur at Letts (MP 223.4), and northeast, with the Muscatine, Burlington & Southern Railway alongside to the southeast, past a spur from the Louisa Power Plant trailing in on the east side, the 1,000 ft. east side spur at Fruitland (MP 216.6), a spur from the Muscatine Power Plant trailing in on the east side, and a Milwaukee Road line trailing in on the west side, at Culver, to the yard at Muscatine (MP 211.3), where the maximum speed is 25 mph, the line turns east-northeast with the Mississippi River alongside to the south, two Rock Island branches turn away on the north side, and the erstwhile Clinton Davenport & Muscatine once headed away on the north side.