Allerton to Des Moines

From the junction (25 mph on the switch) at Allerton (MP 0.0.0), where there is a 1,400 ft. spur, the Chicago line turns east, and the Des Moines line turns north-northeast, single track, Automatic Block System, maximum speed 30 mph, the northeast, past a 920 ft. spur at Corydon (MP 4.5), where a BN line crosses on the flat, turning curvily just east of due north, past the 6,160 ft. siding and 800 ft. spur at Millerton (MP 11.2), a bridge carrying the BN Omaha main line overhead, a 2,198 ft. spur at Chariton (MP 23.4), the 6,339 ft. siding and 560 ft. spur at Williamson (MP 29.9), Purdy, the 4,083 ft. siding and 600 ft. spur at Melcher (MP 39.5), Nepas, and MP 43.x, where there is a local 20 mph speed restriction.

The line turns curvily northeast, past the 7,138 ft. siding and 800 ft. spur at Beech (MP 52.8), Hartford (MP 59.6), a turn just east of due north at the 5,700 ft. siding and 720 ft. spur ar Carlisle (MP 64.7), where a line trails in on the west side, back curvily northwest, past Avon(MP 66.8), and then north, bridging over the Des Moines River and past flat crossings with the BN at Maury Street (MP 72.9) and N&W at Market Street (MP 73.4), to the flat crossing, with connectors in all four quadrants, with the Omaha-Chicago line, and yard at Short Line Junction (MP 73.6).