Allerton to Eldon

From the junction (25 mph on the switch) at Allerton (MP 365.0), where there is a 1,400 ft. spur, and the Des Moines line turns north-northeast, the Chicago line turns east, single track, CTC, maximum speed 40 mph, past Harvard, Kniffin, the oblique flat crossing (25 mph on the crossing) with the Milwaukee Road  at CMStP&P Crossing (MP 352.1), the 5,641 ft siding and 1,766 ft. spur at Seymour (MP 351.7), Numa, the 6,218 ft. siding and 4,280 ft. spur at Centerville (MP 334.7), where an erstwhile earlier routing turned away north, and the flat crossing with a BN line at BN Crossing (MP 331.1), where the line turns east-northeast, the flat crossing with a former Wabash line, the 5,953 ft. siding at Sharon (MP 324.4), and the 6,174 ft. siding and 320 ft. west side spur at Paris (MP 316.8), where that erstwhile earlier routing rejoins from the north side.

An erstwhile earlier routing departs on the south side, and the line continues past the 280 ft. spur at Drakesville (MP 311.6), the flat crossing with the former Wabash at N&W Crossing (MP 308.5), the 6,185 ft. siding at Belknap (MP 308.5), Floris, where that erstwhile earlier routing rejoins on the south side, Laddsdale, a bridge over the Des Moines River, the yard at Eldon Yard (MP 296.6), and Eldon (MP 290.7), where connection is made with a Rock Island line between Des Moines and Keokuk that crosses here.