Bureau to Joliet

From the 7,900 ft. westward siding and yard at Bureau (MP 114.2), the line turns north-northeast as the Peoria branch trails in on the south side (with wooden depot in the vee of the junction), double track, ABS, Rules 400 to 406, maximum speed 50 mph, turning east-northeast, past the yard, 5,500 ft. eastward siding and 4,800 ft. westward siding at DePue (MP 109.9), where it turns east, a former flat crossing with the erstwhile DePue & Northern at East DePue, a former flat crossing with an erstwhile New York Central line at Howe, where an erstwhile interurban once ran alongside to the north, Marquette, where that interurban turned away, the 1,700 ft. west side spur at Spring Valley (MP 104.3), where a line to coal mines once turned away north and a BN line turns to run parallel on the north side, and the resumption of Rules 450-453 at MP 103.

The line turns just north of due east, along the west bank of the Illinois River, past an oblique flat crossing with that BN line at BN crossing (MP 101.0), Peru, after which the river turns away, the yard at La Salle (MP 99.0), where an erstwhile IT line once ran alongside to the north, a bridge carrying an IC line overhead, a bridge that once carried that IT line overhead at Split Rock, the 5,200 ft. eastward siding and Yard at Utica (MP 94.0), where the line turns east-southeast, following the course of the river to the line's south, turning northeast to West Ottawa, just south of due east, past the flat crossing with a BN line at BN Crossing (MP 84.8), the 5,900 ft. eastward siding and yard at Ottawa (MP 84.5), a bridge over the Fox River, the 6,000 ft. eastward siding at Brickton (MP 83.1), West Marseilles, the yard at Marseilles (MP 77.3), and East Marseilles.

There is a 3,700 ft. eastward siding and yard at Seneca (MP 71.9), as the line turns just north of due east, still following the course of the river to the line's south, past the 1,000 ft. east side spur at Stockdale MP 65.5), the resumption of Rules 400 to 406 at MP 63, and the yard at Morris (MP 61.7), and then east-northeast, past East Morris, turning just north of due east again past the 4,800 ft. eastward siding at Minooka (MP 51.1), where an EJ&E line bridges overhead, Birds, the resumption of Rules 450 to 453 at MP 143, a bridge over another EJ&E line, and the 8,900 ft. eastward siding, 4,800 ft. westward siding, and yard at Rockdale (MP 42.2), turning north-northeast to Center Street (MP 41.1), northeast to bridge over the Des Plaines River, and east to Joliet Union Station (MP 40.2), where the concrete station building is in the northwest quadrant with the platform on the north side of the line, the flat crossing with the IC and ATSF lines, and UD Tower (MP 40.1), in the northeast quadrant.