Coburn to Allerton

From the 14,517 ft. siding at Coburn (MP 425.0), where a line trails in from the west, the main line turns northeast, single track, CTC, maximum speed 40 mph, and then east, past the 480 ft. spur at Hickory Creek (MP 421.6), curvily north-northeast, and then curvily north, past the start of Two Main Tracks at Lake (MP 417.4), the yard at Trenton (MP 414.0), where there was a flat crossing with an erstwhile Burlington line, the end of Two Main Tracks at Cobb (MP 413.7), the 280 ft. spur on the east side at Tindall (MP 410.3), the 440 ft. spur on the west side at Spickards (MP 404.3), and the 7,031 ft. siding at Mill Grove (MP 399.8), turning north-northeast, past the 5,059 ft. siding at Princeton (MP 392.4), where there is a 2,000 ft. spur, north past the 6,069 ft. siding at Mercer (MP 383.1), where there is a 720 ft. spur, the border between Missouri and Iowa, and the 1,000 ft. spur on the west side at Lineville (MP 378.8), turning curvily northeast, past the 545 ft. west side spur at Clio  (MP 372.2), to the junction at Allerton (MP 365.0), where there is a 1,400 ft. spur, the Des Moines line turns north-northeast, and the Chicago line turns east.