Dalhart to Herington

From the flat crossing with the BNSF (former Fort Worth & Denver) at BNSF Xing (MP 545.6), with connectors in the north and east quadrants, where the speed limit has fallen to 60 mph, and the 7,290 ft. siding at Dalhart (MP 545.6 - MP 544.0), the line continues northeast, single track, CTC, with speed limit rising to 75 mph, past a detector at MP 540.1, Chamberlin (MP 536.1), Irwin, the 9,075 ft. siding at Conlen (MP 536.6 - MP 524.7), a detector at MP 521.8, the 8,569 ft. siding at Stratford (MP 516.2 - MP 514.7), where there is a west quadrant (i.e., on the north side) connector to the BNSF and CTC ends in favor of Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals (in 2004), and the flat crossing with BNSF (the former Santa Fe, Animas Junction to Amarillo line) at MP 514.7.

There is a detector at MP 510.0, the 9,085 ft. siding at Stevens (MP 505.5 - MP 503.6), a detector at MP 496.0, the Texas-Oklahoma State Line, Texhoma (MP 494.3), in the Oklahoma Panhandle, the 9,070 ft. siding at Goodwell (MP 485.6 - MP 483.7), a detector at MP 480.1, Guymon (MP 473.6), a detector at MP 466.8, the 9,060 ft. siding at Optima (MP 465.0 - MP 463.1), the 8,500 ft. siding (or additional track) at Collingwood Grain (MP 460.4 - MP458.8), Hooker (MP 454.3), a former crossing with the erstwhile east-west Beaver Meade & Englewood Railroad, a detector at MP 449.7, the 9,080 ft. siding at Tyrone (MP 444.4 - MP 442.6), the Oklahoma-Kansas State Line, a detector at MP 437.1, and the 8,700 ft. siding at Liberal (MP 434.2 - MP 428.9), where a spur heads away north, an erstwhile Rock Island line from Amarillo once trailed in from the south-southwest and a short line to Woods once left to the east.

The line continues northeast, past a Hold Signal at CP TC426 (MP 426.2), a detector at MP 422.9, Hayne, where the original Rock Island routing once curved away north,  and the present line turns north-northeast, Shamrock (MP 419.9), a turn back to the northeast where the original routing trails in from the southwest, the 9,070 ft. siding at Kismet (MP 413.9 - MP 412.0), a detector at MP 410.5, Plains (MP 406.4), a detector at MP 404.0, Hobart (MP 402.1), Collano, a turn to the east, the 9,065 ft. siding at Missler (MP 397.8 - MP 396.0), a turn to the south-southeast and then back to the northeast at Meade (MP 391.0), a detector at MP 386.1, a turn to the east-northeast at the 9.080 ft. siding at Fowler (MP 381.2 - MP 379.5), a detector at MP 372.0, Minneola (MP 370.0), the 9,090 ft. siding at Bloom (MP 364.2 - MP 362.5), a detector at MP 357.9, a turn further to the east, Kingdown (MP 355.0), and the 9,185 ft. siding at Bucklin (MP 351.6 - MP 349.8), where there is a wye on the north side with the former Rock Island branch from Dodge City, now run by a short line.

There is a detector at MP 341.0, as the line edges still further towards the east, Mullinville (MP 338.9), where an erstwhile Santa Fe branch once started on the south side, running parallel to the Rock Island line, the 9,090 ft. siding at Joy (MP 334.8 - MP 333.0), Greensburg (MP 328.6), where the line turns east, Brenham, a detector at MP 326.5, Haviland (MP 318.6), a detector at MP 316.0, the 9,050 ft. siding at Wellsford (MP 315.8 - MP 313.6), Cullison (MP 307.1), where the erstwhile Santa Fe line edges away further south, a detector at MP 302.0, MP 300.5, where Yard Limits start, and the 9,219 ft. siding at Pratt (MP 297.9), where the speed limit is 45 mph, the line turns northeast, and a Wichita Northwestern line once trailed in from the north, with Yard Limits ending at MP 294.0.

The line turns east-northeast at Natronia, with speed limit now 60 mph, past a detector at MP 287.6, MP 285.7, where an erstwhile Missouri Pacific line once crossed, the 9,360 ft. siding at Preston (MP 285.4), MP 277.8, where another erstwhile MP line once crossed, Turon (MP 277.5), a detector at MP 274.0, Langdon (MP 271.1), the 9,040 ft. siding at Janet (MP 266.9), Arlington (MP 262.4), where the line turns northeast again, a detector at MP 256.0, Partridge, where the former Santa Fe passenger transcon comes alongside to the north, MP 251.5, where Yard Limits start, the 13,713 ft. siding at Whiteside (MP 250.5), with  a 30 mph speed limit from MP 247.3 to MP 243.6, a turn east-northeast, away from the former Santa Fe, Morton Junction, where an erstwhile Santa Fe branch once crossed, a bridge over the Arkansas River, a turn northeast, a flat crossing (MP 246.0) with a former MP line now (2004) operated by the Kansas & Oklahoma, Hutchinson (MP 245.4), where a connector to that former MP line turns away south on a wye, and a turn north-northeast to the north apex of that wye (MP 244.9), which is operated by the Hutchinson & Northern, with a spur heading east to a salt mine.

The former Rock Island continues north-northeast, past a flat crossing (MP 243.6) with the former Santa Fe passenger transcon, where the speed limit rises to 60 mph again, Slade (MP 242.4), Kilowatt (MP 240.2), where a spur on the east side trails in from the south, MP 239.7, where Yard Limits end,  a detector at MP 238.2, Medora (MP 236.1), where there was once a flat crossing (speed limit 30 mph) with an erstwhile Frisco line, the 9,060 ft. siding at Inman (MP 228.2), Mid-Kansas Coop (MP 228.0), Groveland (MP 224.3), a detector at MP 223.6, MP 222.7, where Yard Limits start, a spur at NCRA (MP 219.4), a turn to the northeast, a flat crossing (MP 219.3) with a Kansas & Oklahoma (ex-MP) line, the 7,430 ft. siding at McPherson (MP 216.7), MP 215.3, where Yard Limits end, a turn just north of due east at KO Connection (MP 214.7), where the speed limit rises to 70 mph, a former Santa Fe line operated by the Kansas & Oklahoma trails in from the west, and the Santa Fe once crossed on the flat and then ran alongside the Rock Island on its south side, past Galva (MP 210.7) and a detector at MP 205.6.

The line turns northeast at Canton (MP 204.5), leaving the route of the erstwhile Santa Fe line behind, east-northeast past the 9,510 ft. siding at Waldeck (MP 198.4), northeast again past Durham (MP 191.8) and a detector at MP 189.8, east-northeast to Tampa (MP 185.7) and then northeast again past the 9,072 ft. siding at Ramona (MP 179.5), a detector at MP 178.9, and a flat crossing with a former Santa Fe line at BNSF-UP Xing (MP 177.5, near Jacobs on the other line), turning north as the former Rock Island line from Fort Worth trails in from the south, the start of Yard Limits at MP 172.3 (to MP 169.1), and the remaining stub of the former MP line from Pueblo (which once made a flat crossing here) trails in from the west at the south end of the yard at Herington (MP 171.4), where the speed limit is 30 mph in yard limits, ABS.