East Moline to Bureau

From the junction at East Moline (MP 175.1), where there is a spur to  John Deere Plant on the north side, a BN and Milwaukee line turns away north-northeast, a BN line heads east, the Rock Island heads east-southeast, double track, ABS, current-of-traffic, maximum speed 50 mph, past the yard at Silvis Yard (MP 173.7), the start of Rules 400-406, southeast, past the yard at Carbon Cliff and a bridge over the Rock River, east-southeast past the flat crossing with a BN line at BN Crossing (MP 169.7), with a southeast quadrant connector joining at the 250 ft. west-side spur at Colona (MP 169.6), and Green River, where the line turns east, then east-southeast again before reaching the 6,400 ft. westward siding and 7,500 ft. spur at Geneseo (MP 159.1), continuing past the 4,000 ft. spur at Atkinson (MP 151.5).

Rules 450 to 453 resume at MP 148, as the line continues east-southeast, past the 2,250 ft. spur at Annawan (MP 145.6), the 750 ft. spur at Mineral (MP 141.9), and the 3,100 ft. eastward siding, 5,300 ft. westward siding, and 2,500 ft. spur at Sheffield (MP 136.5), where it turns east, past a bridge carrying the C&NW Peoria line overhead and an angled bridge carrying the BN line to Burlington overhead at Wyanet, then south-southeast and south to the 5,600 ft. westward siding and 2,000 ft. spur at Tiskilwa (MP 122.4), and curvily east and then just east of due south, past the resumption of rules 400-406 at MP 115, to the 7,900 ft. westward siding and yard at Bureau (MP 114.2), where the line turns north-northeast as the Peoria branch trails in on the south side (with wooden depot in the vee of the junction).