Muscatine to Missouri Division Junction (Davenport)

From the yard at Muscatine (MP 211.3), where the maximum speed is 25 mph, the line turns east-northeast with the Mississippi River alongside to the south, two Rock Island branches turn away on the north side, and the erstwhile Clinton Davenport & Muscatine once headed away on the north side, the line continues to follow the west bank of the river, becoming Two Main Tracks, ABS, Rules 450 to 453, maximum speed 40 mph, past High Bridge, turning east-southeast, east-northeast past Fairport (MP 203.8), east past Montpelier (MP 198.0) and the 500 ft. west side spur at Buffalo (MP 192.0), east-northeast, past the yard at Linwood (MP 190.9), and northeast, past the yard at Nahant (MP 186.5), an industrial spur trailing in on the west side, the yard at West Davenport (MP 184.9), a wye on the west side that was once the beginning of a Rock Island branch, all as the line follows the west bank of the river, and a junction on the east side with the Davenport & Rock Island, as the main line turns just east of due north to the junction between the line from Kansas City, on the south side, and the line from Omaha, on the north side, at Missouri Division Junction (MP 183.7), where the line turns east.