Polo to Coburn

From the 5,051 ft. siding at Polo (MP 460.5), where there is a 1,480 ft. spur and Two Main Tracks end, Milwaukee line continues east, and the Rock Island turns north-northeast, single track, CTC, maximum speed 40 mph, past the 6,207 ft. siding at Nettleton (MP 443.5), where tehre is a 480 ft. spur, a bridge carrying a BN line overhead, the flat crossing with east quadrant connect, with the N&W (former Wabash) at N&W Crossing (MP 434.9), the 6,058 ft. siding at Lock Springs (MP 434.8), where there is a 1,440 ft. spur, and the 14,517 ft. siding at Coburn (MP 425.0), where a line trails in from the west as the main line turns northeast.