Golden State Route
(later Cotton Rock)

El Paso (Tower 47) to Tucumcari

Tucumcari to Dalhart

Dalhart to Herington

Herington to McFarland

McFarland to Topeka

Topeka to Kansas City (West Yard)

West Yard to Sheffield/Rock Creek Junction

From the early 1980s, Cotton Belt trains on the "Cotton Rock" continued to Chicago on the Santa Fe from Rock Creek Junction. Prior to the Rock Island bankruptcy in 1980 (when the Golden State Route was abandoned from Allerton to Muscatine, with KC to Allerton remaining  as part of the Spine Line), Golden State Route trains continued on the then Rock Island from Kansas City to Chicago:

Sheffield Junction to Birmingham

Birmingham to Polo

Polo to Coburn

Coburn to Allerton

Allerton to Eldon

Eldon to Ainsworth

Ainsworth to Muscatine

Muscatine to Missouri Division Junction (Davenport)

The line east of Davenport is now Iowa Interstate into Illinois, who also operate all the way to Blue Island. CSX owns the line from Bureau to Joliet, where Metra ownership takes over.

Davenport to East Moline

East Moline to Bureau

Bureau to Joliet

Blue Island to Joliet

Gresham to Blue Island (Main Line)

Englewood to Gresham

Root Street Tower to Englewood

LaSalle Street Station to Root Street Tower