Durand to Port Huron

At the 80 car eastward and 77 car westward sidings at Durand (MP 253.3), there are Yard Limits, the GTW line from Detroit via Pontiac intersects the GTW line from Lansing at an angled flat crossing, with a connector in the south quadrant, the famous Durand depot in the southeast quadrant of the crossing, and connectors in the north and east quadrants, then continues northwest as a line now operated by shortline Tuscola & Saginaw Bay, as successor to the Ann Arbor, while the double track main line continues east-northeast, with overall speed limit 75 mph for passenger trains, 60 mph for priority manifests, and 50 mph for freight trains, past East Durand, Duffield (MP 257.2), detectors at MP 257.1, Crapo Farm, the 76 car eastward siding at Swartz Creek (MP 261.5), Mundy (MP 262.7), where the original main line left on the north side, heading northeast, West Flint, where a connector from the residual part of that line trails in on the north side, Torrey Yard, spurs on the south side to  large GM manufacturing plants, a bridge over a Pere Marquette line from Detroit to Saginaw, and Flint (MP 270.1), site of, where there are Yard Limits, a speed limit of 45 mph between Clifford Street and Old Court Street, and a flat crossing with the Flint Belt Railroad at South Kearsley.

The line turns east, where another rump of the original main line trails in from the west at the 88 car westward siding at Belsay (MP 273.7/274.2), where there is a speed limit of 30 mph for westward trains, past Belsay Yard on the south side of the line, East Flint, Davison (MP 279.2), detectors at MP 283.0, Elba, a passenger speed of 60 mph at Lapeer Overhead (MP 286.4), a passenger speed of 60 mph at MP 290.3 where a Michigan Central line crosses on the flat and the 95 car westward siding at Lapeer (MP 290.9), where the line turns just south of due east, passenger speeds of 65 mph at MP 291.45, Attica (MP 297.3), a bridge over a north-south GTW line, with a connector in the southeast quadrant, Imlay City (MP 302.0), detectors at MP 308.3, the 92 car westward siding at Capac (MP 309.3), Emmett (MP 317.9), Goodells (MP 322.9), detectors at MP 326.0, West Tappan, Tappan (MP 332.1), where Yard Limits start, a Pere Marquette line trails in on the north side, a narrow gauge line once trailed in on the south side, and the GTW line from Detroit crosses on the flat (headed for Fort Gratiot), with a connector in the southeast quadrant, Tunnel Yard (MP 333.3) on the north side of the line, a wye with the Port Huron & Detroit on the south side of the line, Port Huron (MP 333.9), and the Amtrak station.