West Detroit to Milwaukee Junction

From the flat crossing the former Conrail/NYC/MC line makes with the parallel former Wabash route to Fort Wayne, IN, and ConRail (former MC) lines heading northeast and southwest, at West Detroit (MP 50.2), the now single track, ABS, former GTW (same track as the former Wabash), and parallel former MC, head northeast on an embankment or viaduct above the surrounding land level, with a connector between the former MC lines in the southeast quadrant,  and the 15 mph connector north from CP Scotten trailing in on the south side at CP Spring Works and crossing over to the GTW track at Vinewood (MP 51.2), with the former GTW line, governed by Rule 261 and 262 and oral permission from the Dispatcher, with speed limit 20 mph, continuing past Premier Malt Products (MP 52.6), Commonwealth (MP 52.8), and a turn east-northeast.

Amtrak makes its Detroit stop at 6th & Woodward (MP 53.7). amid a wasteland, just west of the bridge over Woodward Avenue and the turn back to the northeast at Beaubien Street (MP 54.0), where the Conrail North Yard Branch crosses on the flat and a connector south onto the tunnel line once headed away east, and Milwaukee Junction (MP 54.8), where the Mount Clemens sub. continues straight ahead and the Holly sub. heads away north-northwest at a wye (10 mph on the wye) to Clay Avenue, and a flat crossing with the Tunnel Industrial Track (continuation south of the Holly sub.).

Amtrak trains headed for Pontiac make yet another glacial left turn at Milwaukee Junction and Clay Avenue onto the GTW line for Pontiac.