CP-Park to CP-River

The single track CSX (former B&O) line from Baltimore, past the end-on junction between the former B&O and former Reading lines at MP 0.0, trails into the southwest side of the Trenton Line, coming down from the Northeast Corridor, at the crossovers at CP-Park (MP 0.3), where it expands from single track, Rule 261, to Two Main Tracks, Rule 261, maximum speed 25 mph, heading northwest, on the east bank of the Schuylkill River, past the bridge carrying the Northeast Corridor overhead, turning north to bridge over the river, and north-northeast at the detectors at "Belmont" (MP 1.2) and the junction with the Arsenal Connecting Track, from Zoo Junction and over the high-line bypassing 30th Street Station, trailing in from the south-southwest (on the west side) at Belmont (MP 1.2), past the crossovers and junction with the west leg of the wye with the Harrisburg Line, on the west side, at CP-River (MP 2.5), where the maximum speed drops to 20 mph, bridging back across the river to the junction with the north leg of the wye with the Harrisburg Line, crossing the river on a separate bridge, on the west side at CP-Laurel Hill (MP 2.9).