Cheltenham to Neshaminy Falls

From the "junction" at CP-Cheltenham Junction (MP 9.6), where the single-track SEPTA Fox Chase line turns north-northeast, with a second track on the south side for a short distance, and the single track, CSX, Trenton Line continues northeast, Rule 261, maximum speed 50 mph, past Bustleton (MP 13.3), a detector at "MP 14" (MP 13.8), the start of a 13,680 ft. north-side Controlled Siding (40 mph on the siding) at CP-Berry (MP 16.2), to the end of the siding at CP-Nesh (MP 18.8), and coming along the south side of the SEPTA (former Reading) West Trenton Line at Neshaminy (MP 19.2), where there is no physical connection between the two lines at present, that connection being at CP-Wood (MP 26.9), further east.