Harrisburg to Reading

The Harisburg Line departs from the north side of the Pittsburgh Line at CP-Harris (MP 112.9), heading southeast (where the Pittsburgh line is heading south-southeast), single track, maximum speed 30 mph, past the wye track leading to the Lurgan Branch, on the south side at MP 112.5, and the Paxton Street Industrial Track, also on the south side, at MP 112.4, turning east-northeast, as the Lurgan Branch trails in from the west-southwest, at CP-Capitol (MP 112.2), and then east, Two Main Tracks, Rule 261, maximum speed 40 mph, past 19th Street (MP 111.1), where the Hill Industrial Track trails in on the north side, 17th Street, west end of the Rutherford Yard on the south side, Ruth (MP 108.5), at the east end of the yard, Roadrailer Switch (MP 106.1), start of an additional track in the center (off Track 2), CP-Beaver (MP 105.0), end of that additional track (on Track 2), and crossovers at CP-Tara (MP 104.2), where current-of-traffic (Rule 251), Automatic Block Signals, replaces the Rule 261, and the maximum speed rises to 50 mph.

There are detectors at "Hummelstown" (MP 103.6), the junction with the Middletown & Hummelstown, on the south side at Hummelstown (MP 103.1), a turn east-northeast, Brownstone (MP 101.8), Hershey (MP 99.6), a crossover at Derry (MP 99.0), Lands (MP 97.7), a crossover at Palmyra (MP 96.2), a turn just north of due east, a crossover at Millards (MP 92.7), Annville (MP 91.4), a crossover at Cleona (MP 89.4), where an additional track on the south side starts, West Lebanon (MP 87.8), where an erstwhile branch once trailed in on the north side, a 40 mph (and 25 mph for the head-end) speed restriction, from MP 87.7 to MP 85.0, through Lebanon, crossovers at Wall (MP 87.4), where that additional track ends and the Cornwall Industrial Track departs on the south side, and Lebanon (MP 86.6), where the Avon Industrial Track connects on the north side.

The line turns northeast, past CP-Avon (MP 84.2), Prescott (MP 82.9), and detectors at Myerstown (MP 80.0), just south of due east, past Richland (MP 77.4), just north of due east, past crossovers at Sheridan (MP 75.7), just south of due east, past the 8,250 ft. south side siding at Womelsdorf (MP 73.3), Robesonia (MP 70.9), and Wernersville (MP 67.5), east past detectors at "Sinking Spring" (MP 64.6), a branch trailing in on the south side at CP-Sink (MP 64.6), and Sinking Sring (MP 63.1), turning just north of due east past Lawn (MP 62.4), and the crossover and track separation at CP-Wyomissing Junction (MP 61.2), with one line, single track, Rule 261, maximum speed 25 mph, passing CP-Valley Junction (MP 60.3), where the Reading Line departs to the north, and the line turns just east of due south, maximum speed 30 mph, and the other line, double track, bridging over the track heading south from Valley Junction, the Schuylkill River, and an erstwhile PRR line, and turning just south of due east to a wye at Center (MP 59.8), where another branch of the Reading Line heads north and the Harrisburg Line turns south, where the erstwhile Reading Station used to be, now Rule 261, with a 30 mph speed restriction from MP 59.7.