Norristown Junction to CP River

From the the junction at CP-Norris, where the Running Track ends, the SEPTA Norristown Line departs on the north side (25 mph on the connector), across the river, the line becomes current-of-traffic (Rule 251) on both tracks again, maximum speed 40 mph, and the Bridgeport Scale Track starts on the south side, the line heads east-southeast, past the end of the Scale Track, the Bridgeport Industrial Track heading away on the south side, and a crossover at Bridgeport (MP 17.0), and the bridge carrying the Norristown High Speed line overhead, turning south, following the south bank of the Schuylkill River, under a bridge carrying the former PRR Morristown Line overhead, past a connector from that line trailing in at Swedeland (MP 15.8), tracks serving a Lukens Steel plant on the south side, a turn east, detectors at Conshohocken (MP 14.2), Woodlane (MP 12.0), a turn southeast, Gladwyne (MP 10.0), the Flat Rock Tunnel, detectors at Flat Rock (MP 8.7), crossovers at CP-Rock (MP 8.7), where the line becomes Two Main Tracks, Rule 261, maximum speed 30 mph, West Manayunk, the multi-arch concrete viaduct carrying the (closed) Cynwyd Line overhead, the junction with the Venice Industrial Track, trailing into an additional track on the north side, at Pencoyd (MP 6.7), the West Falls yard, as the line edges east, the crossover and west apex of the wye with the single track (on the wye) Trenton Line (25 mph to the Trenton Line), heading away east, on the north side, at CP-Falls (MP 5.4), where the line becomes single track, Rule 261, maximum speed 25 mph, heading south to the south apex of the wye with the double track Trenton Line, trailing in on the east side at CP-River (MP 5.2).