Oak Island to NK

The former Lehigh Valley and PRR line (the National Docks Branch) from the piers on the Jersey Shore of the Hudson River, across the bridge over Newark Bay, and under a bridge carrying the former Jersey Central "Chemical Coast" line overhead, is joined by a northwest quadrant connector coming down from that line at Oak Island Junction, at the east end of the former Lehigh Valley Oak Island Yard, where a connector from the piers at Port Newark trails in on the south side of the yard.

The west end of the yard is at CP-Valley (MP 10.5), where a connector on the north side joins the former PRR line from its Meadows Yard (South Kearny Yard) and CP-Waldo in Jersey City (connection from North Bergen Yard) to a junction with the Northeast Corridor at Lane Tower, and a connector from that line trails in on the north side, and the Lehigh line curves around from heading just north of due west, Two Main Tracks, Rule 261, maximum speed 30 mph, past a high detector at "Newark" (MP 11.1), and bridging over the former PRR freight line and the Northeast Corridor, to head southeast, at  the junction at NK/Meeker Avenue (MP 11.4), where the electrified New Jersey Transit  single-track connector from Hunter trails into the north side of the Lehigh Line.