South Plainfield to Aldene

From the junction with the Perth Amboy Running Track, on the south side, at South Plainfield (MP 26.5), the Lehigh Line continues just south of due east, single track, Rule 261, maximum speed 50 mph, tuning north-northeast, past Oak Tree, and northeast, past the start of Two Main Tracks, Rule 261, at CP-Potter (MP 23.2), the junction with the Bloodgood Industrial Track, departing on the south side at Clark (MP 19.4), and trailing in again at the junction with the Staten Island Running Track, departing on the south side at Cranford (MP 17.9), a bridge over the former Jersey Central line to Elizabethport, and the junction at CP-Aldene (MP 16.9), where the single track connection from the Raritan Valley line trails in on the west side of the Lehigh Line.