West Trenton to Port Reading Junction and Calco

From the passenger station (two side platforms, waiting room on the north side and depot to the south) at West Trenton (MP 32.5) and the SEPTA West Trenton Yard at Trent (MP 32.6), and the connection to the Trenton Industrial Track on the south side, the Trenton Line continues just east of due north, Two Main Tracks, Rule 261, maximum speed 50 mph, past Ewing (MP 33.6), the reduction to single track, Rule 261, at CP-Wing (MP 35.7), Pennington (MP 37.9), a detector at "Glenmoore" (MP 38.5), and Glenmoore (MP 38.6), turning northeast past Hopewell (MP 42.6), north-northeast past Skillman (NP 45.8), a 5,300 ft. north-side siding, at Harlingen (MP 48.4), a detector at Belle Mead (MP 50.0), a former wye on the west side with an erstwhile line to the Marine Crops facility at Belle Meade, Read Valley and Hamilton (MP 52.6), turning east-northeast past Weston (MP 56.0) and Kyle (MP 56.3), where Manville Yard starts on the south side, and then northeast to the junction with the Conrail Lehigh Line at CP-Port Reading Junction (MP 57.3), where the yard ends and the Trenton Line trails in on the south side of the Lehigh Line (and once continued to Calco, less than a mile further on).