Bryan to Hearne

From Bryan Junction (MP 97.0) where the former IGN once made a flat crossing, but now the former IGN splits off on the east side from the former H&TC, and an erstwhile H&TC line once headed west, with both former IGN and former H&TC lines heading north, the former H&TC single track, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, speed limit 25 mph, passes a flat crossing with the former IGN, as it turns west at UP crossing (MP 99.3), a turn to the north-northwest, a detector at MP 102.6, a jog west-northwest and then north-northwest again, a turn northwest, Benchley (MP 106.0), a turn north, northwest, and then just west of due north, a detector at MP 112.3, a turn north-northwest, Sutton, the start of Yard Limits (and end of TWC) at West Yard Limits (MP 117.4), and the wye junction made by the Flatonia line on the west side of the line at Hearne (MP 120.7), where there is a yard, and the line turns north-northwest as the UP Ennis sub.