Bryan to Valley Junction

From Bryan Junction (MP 97.0) where the former IGN once made a flat crossing, but now the former IGN splits off on the east side from the former H&TC, and an erstwhile H&TC line once headed west, with both former IGN and former H&TC lines heading north, the former IGN, single track, CTC, speed limit 60 mph, turning northwest across the flat crossing with the former H&TC at UP Xing (MP 77.6), 25 mph on the crossing, and then west-southwest, past a spur heading north to Bryan Industrial Park (i.e., on the 'east' side), a jog northwest, a turn west, a turn north-northwest, Fountain, a detector at MP 85.4, Sand Hill (MP 86.7), a turn northwest, the 8,154 ft. siding at South Mumford (MP 91.7), where the line turns north-northwest, the flat crossing and crossovers with the former H&TC/SP Flatonia to Hearne line at Mumford (MP 92.5), where that line turns alongside to the east, a detector at MP 94.5, the 8,569 ft. siding at Tatsie (MP 95.4, where the speed limit is 60 mph, to MP 97.5, where it is 30 mph), where that line turns away north (i.e., on the east side), a Hold Signal at MP 100.4, where the speed limit is 60 mph, the junction with the southwest quadrant connector to the former IGN/MoPac San Antonio to Longview line at Valley Junction (MP 100.9), the flat crossing with that line at UP Xing (MP 100.9), 40 mph on the crossing, where a 7,631 ft. siding (named Valley Junction) starts, and the junction with the northwest quadrant connector from that line at MP 102.5, where the siding ends.