Ennis (Garrett Junction) to Dallas (Ennis Junction)

From Garrett Junction (MP 233.7), where the speed limit has risen to 40 mph and the Fort Worth line (the UP Midlothian sub., former H&TC) splits off to head west-northwest on the west side of the Dallas line heading curvily just west of due north, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, past a detector at MP 237.7, Palmer, Trumbull, where it turns north, the 5,503 ft. siding at Ferris (MP 246.6), a turn to the north-northwest, Wilmer (MP 251.3), Hutchins (MP 254.4), where an erstwhile branch from Lancaster trails in from the south-southwest, the beginning of Yard Limits, ABS at MP 257.1, where the speed limit drops to 25 mph, the 10,195 ft. siding at Miller Yard (MP 258.8), with the eponymous yard on the west side, a bridge over the Trinity River, the southeast apex of the wye at Trinity Junction (MP 260.7), where the line is CTC, taking the west leg of the wye to Ennis Junction, (MP 261.2), where the former T&P line heads east-northeast to the northeast apex of the wye at SP Junction, and in the other direction, past the northwest apex at Belt Junction, northwest towards Dallas.