Midlothian Junction to Tower 55

From the junction between the UP (former H&TC/SP) Midlothian sub., coming from just east of due south, and the UP (former M-K-T) Fort Worth sub. heading just east of due north, at Midlothian Junction (MP 248.6), where the former SP line once continued across a flat crossing heading north, the speed limit is 20 mph and the line becomes Two Main Tracks, CTC, the line passes crossovers at CP T249 (MP 248.8), the yard at Ney (MP 249.5), where the former Santa Fe line from Temple comes alongside to the west and both lines turn north past Hattie Street (MP 250.3), a road bridge overhead, and Intermediate Signals at MP 250.5.

The former MKT line, along with the former Santa Fe line, crosses the former Texas & Pacific line at the location of the erstwhile fabled Tower 55, where the speed limit is 20 mph and there are connectors in all four quadrants (leaving at South Tower 55, MP 250.9, CPT 756), the tower (still standing, in June, 2007) was once in the southeast quadrant, the intersection of I-20 and I-35W now bridges overhead on multiple concrete bridges (two ramps and two main roadways cross over the line), and the north connectors trail in at North Tower 55.