Navasota to Bryan

From the junction between the UP Eureka sub. (former H&TC), coming from just east of due south, and  the UP Navasota sub. (former IGN/MoPac) coming from the south-southeast at Navasota Junction (MP 48.6), where an erstwhile IGN/MoPac line to Bryan (and Fort Worth) once headed northwest (i.e., on the west side) and an erstwhile IGN/MoPac line to Madisonville once headed north (i.e., on the east side), the single track, CTC, former Houston &Texas Central line heads north-northwest, speed limit 25 mph at the junction and 60 mph thereafter, past a detector at MP 52.9, Nelleva Junction, where an erstwhile H&TC line to Corsicana (and Dallas) once headed away north (i.e., on the east side), a turn curvily west-northwest, Nelleva, the 8,396 ft. siding at Millican (MP 58.8 - MP 60.5), where the former IGN right-of-way was once alongside to the west, a detector at MP 62.7, a turn to the north, leaving the former IGN r-o-w behind, past Wellborn and a detector at MP 68.1, a turn northwest, and a turn north-northwest, alongside the former IGN r-o-w again, past College Station to the 8,276 ft. siding at Bryan (MP 73.6 - MP 75.5), at the north end of which the former IGN once made a flat crossing, but now the former IGN splits off on the east side from the former H&TC, and an erstwhile H&TC line once headed west, with both former IGN and former H&TC lines heading north.