Spring Junction to Navasota

From the wye junction on the west side of the Palestine sub. at Spring Junction (MP 0.0), where the east side yard tracks trail back in, the UP Palestine sub. continues ahead and the UP Navasota sub. turns away west-northwest, single track, CTC, speed limit 40 mph at the junction and 60 mph thereafter, past additional track at Campbell Ready Mix (MP 0.8), additional track at Sunbelt Materials (MP 1.0), Frontier (MP 2.0), additional track at Dubrook (MP 2.4), a turn northwest, the 9,175 ft. siding at Hufsmith (MP 9.7 - MP 11.6), a detector at MP 13.7, a bridge over the BNSF. (former Trinity & Brazos Valley, later Burlington-Rock Island) line between Houston and Dallas, Finehurst, Magnolia (MP 22.1), a turn west-northwest and then north-northwest, the 7,414 ft. siding at Gazzoli (MP 25.3, where the speed limit is 50 mph, to MP 26.9, where it is 60 mph), and a detector at MP 32.4, where the line turns northwest and the speed limit has dropped to 50 mph.

The BNSF (former Santa Fe) line between Somerville and Conroe bridges overhead, and the line turns west-northwest at additional track at Chandler Spur (MP 35.2), north-northwest past Stoneham (MP 36.5), just south of due west, northwest past the 10,449 ft. siding at Jerry (MP 44.1 - MP 46.2), and north-northwest to the junction between the UP Eureka sub. (former H&TC), coming from just east of due south, and  the UP Navasota sub. (former IGN/MoPac) coming from the south-southeast at Navasota Junction (MP 48.6), where the speed limit is 25 mph, an erstwhile IGN/MoPac line to Bryan (and Fort Worth) once headed northwest (i.e., on the west side) and an erstwhile IGN/MoPac line to Madisonville once headed north (i.e., on the east side), and the former Houston & Texas Central line continues north-northwest.