Temple to Waco

From Opal Junction (MP 880.8), where the speed limit is 25 mph across the flat crossing with the BNSF (former Gulf, Colorado, & Santa Fe) line, and there is a connector in the northwest quadrant used by the Amtrak Texas Eagle to head for Fort Worth, the former M-K-T line continues north-northeast, single track, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, speed limit 40 mph, past Temple (MP 880.0), additional track at Plantation Foods (MP 875.9), a detector at MP 874.0, where the speed limit has risen to 60 mph, Troy (MP 872.1), the 10,142 ft. siding at Eddy (MP 865.2), Bruceville, Lovena, Hewitt, and a detector at MP 852.6, where the speed limit has fallen to 50 mph, and turning northeast past the 10,964 ft. siding at Bass (MP 848.7), where a spur from Atco trails in on the north side and an erstwhile Cotton Belt line's former route comes alongside to the north.

There is a bridge over the Brazos River, Waco (MP 845.5), where the ABS have ended  and there was once a crossing with an erstwhile SAn Antonio & Aransas Pass line, South Junction (MP 844.2), where that erstwhile Cotton Belt line once trailed in on the north side, the speed limit has fallen 20 mph and Yard Limits start, North Junction (MP 843.6), where there is a sharply curved connector on the east side to the former Houston & Texas Central (MoPac) line coming north from Houston, and that erstwhile Cotton Belt line to Corsicana once left on the south side and headed northeast, as the former M-K-T line turns north-northeast, past the yard at Bellmead (MP 842.9), to Waco Junction (MP 165.9), junction with the former Houston & Texas Central (MoPac) line from Houston.