Valley Junction to Waco

From the junction with the southwest quadrant connector to the former IGN/MoPac San Antonio to Longview line at Valley Junction (MP 100.9), the flat crossing with that line at UP Xing (MP 100.9), 40 mph on the crossing, where a 7,631 ft. siding (named Valley Junction) starts, and the junction with the northwest quadrant connector from that line at MP 102.5, where the siding ends, the single track, CTC, line head north-northwest, with speed limit 60 mph, past a detector at MP 107.8, Goodland, a turn northwest, Marvin, a turn north-northwest, Barton, Calvert Junction, where an erstwhile MoPac branch once headed northeast to Calvert, Sarge (MP 110.1), where the line turns just east of due north, the 8,270 ft. siding at Salter (MP 116.5 - MP 117.2), where the line turns just west of due north, a turn northwest along the east bank of the Brazos River,  a turn just west of due north, following that river, a detector at MP 124.3, Highbank, where the line turns north-northwest, and Coymack.

The line turns just east of due north, past the 7,558 ft. siding at Marlin (MP 136.3 - MP 137.9), curvily just west of due north past a detector at MP 142.5, Perry and Riesel, northwest past Lake Creek, where an erstwhile branch from the Lake Creek Power Plant once trailed in from the south-southwest, just north of due west past the 8,531 ft. siding at Harrison (MP 154.2 - MP 155.9), west and then west-northwest at Neale, past a detector at MP 159.0, the 8,524 ft. siding at Waco (MP 161.1 - MP 162.9) and Wardlaw, where a spur from Gifford-Hill, the remnant of a former branch, trails in on the north side from the east, and the line turns north, past New Pass (MP 163.5), and/or East Waco, where the speed limit is 25 mph, there is a sharply curved connector on the west side to the former M-K-T line coming north from Taylor, an erstwhile Cotton Belt line to Corsicana once headed northeast, and the erstwhile IGN/MoPac line to Fort Worth once headed away north-northeast, to Waco Junction (MP 165.9), junction with the former M-K-T line from Taylor, where the speed limit reverts to 60 mph.