De Quincy to Tower 31 (Beaumont)

From the junction at DeQuincy (MP 719.0), where the St. Charles Branch departs on the east side, the main line turns southwest, and the maximum speed drops to 45 mph, with local 20 mph restriction on street crossings from MP 719.0 to MP 720.3, and CS Junction (MP 720.3), where a UP (former MoPac) line trails in from the east, on the south side, to form a joint (albeit KCS-owned) line to Beaumont, single track, CTC, maximum speed 45 mph, past UP Long Lead (MP 720.7), a north-facing lead at DeQuincy Industrial Park (MP 721.0), a 1,000 ft. north-facing lead at Alton Box Company (MP 721.2), a south-facing lead at New DeQuincy Industrial Park (MP 721.6), the 5,020 ft. siding at Helme (MP 723.0, past MP 723.6, to MP 724.1), a detector at MP 726.0, a south-facing lead as Asbury Graphite (MP 726.8), the 5,044 ft. siding at Lucas (MP 727.9, past MP 728.4, to MP 728.9), a detector at MP 734.4, and the 8,103 ft. siding at Starks (MP 734.2, past MP 735.2, to MP 735.9).

There is a bridge over the Sabine River, forming the border between Louisiana and Texas, the 5,008 ft. siding at Ruliff (MP 740.6 to MP 741.2), where an erstwhile shortline once trailed in from the north, Hartburg, a dragging equipment detector at MP 743.4, a south-facing connector to the Sabine River & Northern, on the south side, at Lemonville (MP 748.1), the 10,497 ft. siding (20 mph on the switches) at Mauriceville (siding MP 748.1 to MP 750.1, MP 750.2), leading directly into the flat crossing with southeast and southwest quadrant connectors with the former MoPac branch to the Port of Orange, at UP Crossing (MP 750.2), a detector at MP 752.3, Doty, the 13,424 ft. siding (20 mph on the switches) at Vidor (MP 760.1, past MP 760.4, to MP 762.7), where an erstwhile shortline once trailed in from the north, a 20 mph speed restriction from Tower 31 (MP 764.8) to MP 766.7, a north-facing yard at Kort (MP 764.9), a detector at MP 764.9, and the junction with the SP Sunset Route line from New Orleans, trailing in on the south side at SP Junction/(MP 764.9).