GCL Junction to Port Arthur

From the south apex of the wye with the Sunset Route at GCL Junction (MP 766.6), the KCS heads south-southeast, single track, CTC to MP 766.8 and yard limits thereafter, restricted speed 20 mph, past Station 12 (MP 766.7), Station 11 (MP 766.8), Station 11A (MP 766.9), a 10 mph speed restriction from MP 767.9 to MP 769.8, a wye on the east side with a spur to various industries on the west bank of the Neches River, the yard on the east side at Chaison (MP 769.1), the flat crossing wtih a UP (former SP) branch to the riverside industries, at SP Crossing (MP 769.3), a 1,250 ft. north-facing spur on the west side at Wilson Tracks (MP 770.2), a 1,250 ft. north-facing spur at Team Track (MP 770.4), Spindletop, a north-facing yard on the east side at Texas Gulf Sulphur (MP 771.3), a 600 ft. north-facing spur at Wallace Company (MP 771.6), the 1,100 ft. north-facing spur at Davidson Construction (MP 771.9), the south-facing connector to the facility on the east side at Dupont North Track (MP 771.9), the north-facing connector at Dupont South Track (MP 773.5), and the 1,400 ft. south-facing spur on the east side at Sun Team Track (MP 774.9).

There is a 500 ft. north-facing spur at Nederland Team (MP 776.1), a wye on the east side with a line to Port Neches, at Neches Junction (MP 779.6), a turn south at Griffing, where an erstwhile line to industries on Sabine Lake once continued ahead, a turn southwest, the 750 ft. south-facing spur at Hayes (MP 782.7), the dual-ended yard on the west side at Texaco (MP 784.5), with spurs heading away both southeast and northwest at the flat crossing with former SP spurs at SP Crossing (MP 784.9), start of a 10 mph speed restriction, and the yard at Port Arthur (MP 786.1), with spurs to industries to the south and a connector to the former SP at West Port Arthur.