Gibsland to Vicksburg

From the 3,409 ft. siding and flat crossing (20mph on the crossing) and junction with the Louisiana & Northwestern (the southerly part of which is now a KCS line) at Gibsland (MP127.2), the Meridian line continues east, single track, Direct Traffic Control, unsignaled, and thus speed limit 49 mph, past the end of Yard Limits at East Gibsland (MP 126.0), a turn east-northeast past Fords, a turn east-southeast past a 930 ft. east-facing spur for Willamette (MP 120.7), the 2,945 ft. siding (MP 120.2 - MP 119.5) at Arcadia (MP 119.3), the 616 ft. west-facing Arcadia House Track (MP 119.2), and the 1,340 ft. west-facing spur for Amoco Oil Company (MP 118.5), and a turn curvily just south of due east, past the 6,087 ft. east-facing spur for Conagra Boiler Company (MP 117.5), the 1,824 ft. west-facing spur for Willamette (MP 116.7), the 459 ft. west-facing spur at Mid-States Wood Preservers (MP 113.2), and a stretch of Two Main Tracks, CTC, begiining at West Simsboro (MP 113.2), that replaced (in 2010) the former 12,000 ft. siding (MP 113.2 - MP 111.0) at Simsboro (MP 111.5), with a 681 ft. west-facing spur at MP 111.1, now extending to the new East Simsboro (MP 108.5).

There is (still?) a detector at MP 110.5, a 5,246 ft. west-facing spur at Ball-Encon (MP 109.6), a 1,411 ft. east-facing spur for Willamette (MP 109.6), a 788 ft. east-facing spur for Dowell Chemical Company (MP 109.1), a 903 ft. west-facing spur for Fiberboard Corporation (MP 108.7), Grambling, a 25 mph speed restriction from MP 103 to MP 102, the 313 ft. east-facing Business Car Track at MP 102.9, Ruston (MP 102.8), where an erstwhile Rock Island line once crossed on the flat, the 3,668 ft. Ruston Siding (MP 102.5 - MP 101.8), the 132 ft. east-facing Bock Spur (MP 101.6), the 2,034 ft. east-facing spur at Ruston Industrial Park (MP 101.5), a detector at MP 97.0, the 3,000 ft. siding (MP 95.8 - MP 94.9) at Choudrant (MP 95.4), where there is a 5,235 ft. dual-ended spur for Conagra, Tremont, where the erstwhile Tremont & Gulf Railway once headed south, and the 7,990 ft. siding (MP 87.6 - MP 86.0) at Calhoun (MP 86.2), where there is a 678 ft. east-facing Team Track (MP 86.3).

The line continues just south of due east past Forksville, Cheniere, Alpena, where a shortline once headed south, CP 78 (MP 78.0), the 1,100 ft. west-facing spur for Process Fabric (MP 75.4), the 3,450 ft. west-facing spur at Steven Industrial Park (MP 74.9), and a detector at MP 74.4, before the line turns east-northeast past the start of Yard Limits and a 20 mph speed restriction at West Monroe (MP 72.7) and a drawbridge (10 mph on the bridge) over the Ouachita River at MP 72.0, and just south of due east again, past Monroe (MP 71.5), the flat crossing with the UP (former Iron Mountain) south to Alexandria, at UP Crossing (MP 71.1), the KCS yard at Monroe, a spur north to the Monroe Industrial Park, the 10,075 ft. siding at Magenta (MP 67.9), East Monroe (MP 66.2), the end of Yard Limits and return to the 49 mph speed limit at MP 66.1, the 2,762 ft. east-facing spur at Delphi (MP 65.0), a detector at MP 64.3, Mill Haven, the 5,039 ft. siding (MP 58.1 - MP 57.1) at Crew Lake (MP 58.0), and Girard.

There is a  1,350 ft. east-facing spur at Rayville Producers (MP 52.2), West Rayville (MP 50.7), with the 200 ft. east-facing Rayville House Track, the 1,110 ft. dual-ended Rayville Team Track (MP 50.6), where there was once a flat crossing with an erstwhile Iron Mountain line, East Rayville (MP 50.5), a detector at MP 47.1, Bee Bayou, the 1,319 ft. west-facing spur at Holly Ridge House (MP 42.5), the 505 ft. west-facing spur at Pro-Bolt Chemical (MP 40.2), West Shannon, Sun Spur, East Shannon, the 5,360 ft. siding (MP 36.5 - MP 35.3), with the 901 ft. east-facing spur for Tifton Aluminum Company (MP 36.4), the 467 ft. east-facing Terral Spur, and the 844 ft. dual-ended spur at Delhi Pump House (MP 35.5), at Delhi (MP 35.3), where an erstwhile Iron Mountain line once trailed in from the north, Altoona, a detector at MP 30.4, the 377 ft. east-facing Waverly Team Track (MP 30.3), where the line turns east-southeast, and Tendal (MP 27.8).

The line turns just south of due east again, past Eldorado, Quebec, and Lake One, east-southeast past the flat crossing (25 mph head-end on the crossing) with the Delta Southern Railroad (former Iron Mountain) at DSRR Crossing (MP 17.4), Tallulah (MP 17.3), the 440 ft. west-facing Tallulah House Track (MP 17.2), the 8,800 ft. Tallulah Siding (MP 16.8 - MP 15.1), Lums, the 868 ft. west-facing Bunge Spur (MP 14.9), Barnes, a detector at MP 12.9, Thomastown, CP 9 (MP 9.0), and the 363 ft. east-facing Mount Team Track (MP 6.9), east, where the erstwhile line to the ferry at Delta Point once left on the north side, and southeast, over the Mississippi River bridge and through the short tunnel on the east bank, turning north past the 4,635 ft. siding (MP 2.2 - MP 1.3) at Bovay (MP 1.8), where a KCS line from the south trails in on the east side, and north-northeast, with a 30 mph speed restriction from MP 1.1 to MP 0.6, past a connector on the east side directly to the Meridian line, under a bridge carrying the Meridian line overhead, to the start of Yard Limits and a 20 mph speed restriction at West Freight Yard (MP 0.5), and Vicksburg (MP 0.0).