Jackson to Newton

From the Union Station at Jackson (MP 91.1), on the Illinois Central main line, the line heads south, past the original routing of the Alabama & Vicksburg which once crossed the IC right-of-way, and the location where an erstwhile line headed west, to Jackson Junction, where IC lines head south-southwest and south and the KCS (former A&V) turns east-southeast, past the former crossing of an erstwhile Gulf, Mobile & Northern line, of which a stub remains that trails in on the north side (that once brought in the original A&V line) to East Jackson (MP 90.0), end of Yard Limits, where an IC line heads east and the KCS turns south, and then southeast, single track, Direct Traffic Control, unsignaled (and thus maximum speed 49 mph), past Pearson, east to the 565 ft. west-facing Whitfield Spur (MP 86.5), and northeast past West Greenfield (MP 85.3), the intervening 2,624 ft. dual-ended Greenfield Storage spur (MP 85.0), and East Greenfield (MP 84.7).

The line turns north-northeast, past the 1,060 ft. east-facing spur for IP Wood Yard (MP 83.8), east-northeast, northeast past the 9,633 ft. siding (20 mph on the switches, MP 82.8 - MP 80.7) at Brandon (MP 80.8), where there is a 1,320 ft. east-facing spur for Lone Star cement  (MP 82.3), a 730 ft. east-facing spur for Gold Coast Commodities (MP 81.0), and the 760 ft. dual-ended Brandon House Track (MP 80.8), just south of due east past an 1,1168 ft. east-facing spur for IP Wood Yard (MP 78.6), a 760 ft. east-facing spur for Liquid Carbonic (MP 77.3), West Rankin (MP 75.9), the intervening 2,750 ft. dual-ended Rankin spur (MP 75.7), and East Rankin (MP 75.3), east-northeast past Guide, CP 74 (MP 74.0) and the 2,412 ft. siding (MP 69.4 - MP 68.9) at Pelahatchie (MP 69.3), where there is a 619 ft. dual-ended Pelahatchie House Track (MP 69.0), the 240 ft. west-facing spur for Jackson Commodities (MP 68.9), and Clarksburg.

There is a 685 ft. west-facing spur for Blane Construction (MP 62.6), and CP 62 (MP 60.4), and the line turns just north of due east past the 2,560 ft. siding at Morton (MP 60.3), with the 750 ft. dual-ended Morton House Track (MP 60.3), West Morton (MP 59.9), the 1,019 ft. east-facing spur for Richton Tie & Timber (MP 59.4), the 425 ft. east-facing spur for Choctaw Maid (MP 59.2), the 1,918 ft. dual-ended spur for IP Industries (MP 57.7), East Morton (MP 57.0), the 400 ft. east-facing spur for Raworth (MP 54.9), the 1,865 ft. west-facing spur for Mississippi D.O.T. (MP 54.9), Rawton, and CP 54 (MP 54.0), and just south of due east past the 200 ft. west-facing spur for Scott County COOP (MP 51.2), the 450 ft. east-facing spur for Central By-Products (MP 50.9), the 5,610 ft. siding (MP 50.3 - MP 49.1) at Forest (MP 49.3), where there is a 760 ft. east-facing spur for Lady Forest (MP 49.8) and a 2,278 ft. dual-ended spur for Tyson (MP 49.5), the 355 ft. west-facing spur for American Warehouses (MP 48.9), the 555 ft. west-facing spur for Forest Wood Yard (MP 48.5), the 1,084 ft. dual-ended spur for East Forest Wood Yard (MP 48.3), CP 48 (MP 48.0), Donohoe and Muskegon.

The line turns east-southeast past the 8,850 ft. siding (20 mph on the switches, MP 40.7 - MP 38.9) at Lake (MP 40.6), with the 593 ft. dual-ended Lake Team Track (MP 40.6), and east past CP 35 (MP 35.0), the 1,069 ft. west-facing Lawrence Team Track (MP 34.8), the start of Yard Limits and a 20 mph speed restriction at West Newton (MP 32.0), the flat crossing with a former Gulf, Mobile & Northern line now run by KCS, and the 2,350 ft. siding, and connector north to that line at Newton (MP 31.7).