Tower 31 to GCL Junction (Beaumont)

From the south apex of the wye at GCL Junction (MP 766.6), the main line curves around to the northeast, single track, CTC, speed restricted to 20 mph, past a dragging equipment detector at MP 766.4, the north apex of the wye at Wall Street/Beaumont/SP Crossing (SP MP 278.0/KCS MP 766.0), where the SP Sunset Route trails in from the west, and the line continues, past two grade crossings, a bridge over a main street below, a grade crossing, the civic center on the east side, and a grade crossing.

There is a flat crossing with a local line, with connectors in the west and north quadrants and a Tower on the west side, at Neches River (SP MP 278.1/KCS MP 765.9), a bridge over a line on the south bank to a harbor to the east, and a through truss bridge (15 mph on the bridge) over the Neches River (KCS MP 765.8), a spur heads off to the southeast, a grade crossing, the spur trails back in on the east side, Tower 31 (SP MP 277.0/KCS MP 765.0), where the Kansas City Southern line continues straight ahead, and the Sunset Route turns east-northeast, and a "KCS" detector at "MP 276.2" (KCS MP 764.9).