Vicksburg to Jackson

From the yard at Vicksburg, a connector heads away on the west side, curving counter-clockwise, and bridging over the Shreveport line in the process, around to the north-northeast, with a connector directly from the Shreveport line trailing in on the east side, and turning just south of due east past the Alabama & Vicksburg station (MP 140.6), where there is a 20 mph speed restriction in Yard Limits, after which the single track, Direct Traffic Control, unsignaled (and thus maximum speed 49 mph) line heads past the end of Yard Limits at East Freight Yard (MP 140.5) and a westward speed restriction of 10 mph for the tunnel between MP 140.5 and MP 139.5, after which full line speeds prevail as the line turns northeast and then just south of due east again, past the 326 ft. east-facing spur for Peyton Distributors (MP 139.7) and the 385 ft. east-facing spur at Motor Car Shop Lead (MP 139.7), and east-southeast past Beechwood.

There is a speed restriction of 35 mph for curves between MP 137.0 and MP 133.0, as the line turns northeast past CP 136 (MP 136.0), east-northeast, north-northeast, and just south of due east past  the 3,777 ft. siding (MP 132.7 - MP 131.9) at Newmans (MP 132.2), northeast to Bovina, just south of due east, south-southeast, with a speed restriction of 35 mph for the bridge between MP 129.3 and MP 127.5, east-northeast, just south of due east past the 9,558 ft. siding (20 mph on the turnouts, MP 125.9 - MP 124.2) at Smiths (MP 125.9), where there is a 711 ft. east-facing spur at IP Wood Yard (MP 125.8), east-northeast past the 613 ft. west-facing spur for Adam Egg (MP 122.8), a 30 mph speed restriction between MP 122.3 and MP 121.4, the 2,154 ft. siding (MP 121.9 - MP 121.5) at Edwards (MP 121.9), the 1,520 ft. east-facing spur at Donald Wood Yard (MP 120.8) and Champion Hill, east past the 1,008 ft. Bolton Team Track (MP 112.8), and just north of due east past Century, CP 109 (MP 109.0), the 4,495 ft. west-facing spur at Packard Electric (MP 107.6), the 1,978 ft. east-facing spur at Gulf States Canners (MP 107.2), and the 898 ft. west-facing spur at Riverwood (MP 106.1).

The line turns curvily east-southeast, as a spur trails in on the south side from the Clinton Industrial Park, past CP 105 (MP 105.0), a 30 mph speed restriction between MP 105 and MP 103, the 441 ft. west-facing spur at Johnson Milling (MP 104.9), and Clinton, curvily just south of due east past the 3,523 ft. siding at Dixon (MP 100.2), east-northeast past the start of Yard Limits at MP 99.2, where a 20 mph speed restriction starts and West Jackson (MP 98.5), southeast with a 10 mph speed restriction between MP 96.6 and MP 95.7 and  a spur trailing in on the north side, past the yard on the north side at West Yard (MP 95.9), south-southeast, east where an earlier routing continued ahead to a wye on the west side of the Illinois Central main line, and turning south on that line to the Union Station at Jackson (MP 91.1).