Dearborn to West Detroit

From the passenger station at Dearborn (MP 7.7), and CP Townline (MP 7.4), where a former MC line head south at a wye on the south side of the line, connecting with the lines south to Toledo the former Michigan Central continues ahead east, Two Main Tracks, CTC, ABS, with overall speed limit 79 mph for passenger trains, and 50 mph for freights, but local restriction 70 mph for passenger trains on Track 1 and 15/10 on Track 2, continuing in the same straight line, just north of due east, past the huge Ford Motor Company plant at River Rouge, on the south side of the line, Fordson, where the the erstwhile DT&I once trailed in from the north, and a bridge carrying the CWS (PM) line overhead, and enters the urban ruin that is inner-city Detroit, past Wyoming (MP 5.4), where a connection from the CSX (PM) trails in on the north side and the Livernois Yard starts on the south side of the line.

Previous restrictions are replaced by 70/50 on Track 1 and 30/25 on Track 2 at MP 4.5, alongside that yard, past Lonyo (MP 4.2) and Military (MP 3.2), east end of the yard, the flat crossing with the parallel former Wabash route to Fort Wayne, IN, and ConRail (former MC) lines heading south, at CP West Detroit (MP 2.9), with a connector from the former MC in the southeast quadrant,  where the speed restriction drops to 15 mph on the crossing, rising to 40 mph to its east, and CP Scotten (MP 2.4), where a 15 mph connector north, to the former GTW (same track as the former Wabash) and parallel former MC, turns away at a wye on the north side.

In days gone by, this line ran to the Michigan Central Terminal, which can still be seen rising in the distance next to the gleaming high-rises of downtown Detroit. Today’s passenger route makes a glacial turn to the north.