NS/CN Mid-America Corridor

Chicago to Birmingham

South Wye Junction to BRC Connections

BRC Connections to BOCT Connection

BOCT Connection to Harvey

Harvey to Richton

Gilman to Richton

Edgewood to Gilman

Edgewood to Boothby

Boothby to P&L Junction

P&L Junction to Fulton

Fulton to Jackson

Jackson to Corinth

South of Corinth, the Mid-America Corridor takes a diversion from the former Illinois Central line to Birmingham, since that line is out of service between Red Bay and Haleyville, Al (where it joins the Sheffield to Birmingham route, below), and operated by a shortline between Corinth and Red Bay.

Corinth to Sheffield

Sheffield to Birmingham


Chicago to St. Louis


St. Louis to Fulton

East St. Louis to Du Quoin

Fulton to Du Quoin