Elizabeth to Tilford Yard (Atlanta)

From the start of Two Main Tracks at North Elizabeth (MP 22.4), the line continues south, Two Main Tracks, CTC, maximum speed 35 mph, past  the junction where the "Old Road" (the Hook & Eye, now operated by the Georgia Northeastern Railroad) trails in on the east side at Elizabeth (MP 22.2), a yard on the east side at Marietta (MP 21.3), and crossovers at Lockair (MP 17.6), turning just west of due south, south-southeast, and south to the resumption of single track at Smyrna (MP 13.1), where it turns southeast, curvily east, east-southeast, south-southwest past Vinings, southwest, southeast with a speed restriction to 30 mph from MP 8.0 to MP 3.0 (Howell Tower) to the start of Two Main Tracks at Gilstrap (MP 7.4), where it turns just east of due south.

There is a bridge carrying the former SAL overhead, a line trailing in on the west side, a crossover and spurs on the east side at Bolton (MP 6.6), a bridge over the Chattahoochee River, a turn south-southeast, the north end of yard tracks between the mains, a speed restriction of 20 mph on Main 2 from MP 5.0 to MP 3.7, the south end of the first set of yard tracks, crossovers, the start of a Third Main Track (10 mph speed restriction on Main 3), and the north end of the yard on the east side at Tilford (MP 4.9), where everything turns east, the junction with the line south to Peachtree City from the southeast end of Tilford Yard, the SLIDE, a line approximately 40 55-ft. car lengths long that descends on a 3,2% grade from the south into Tilford Yard, on the east side of the main lines, a bridge over the Peachtree City line at Top of Slide (MP 3.8), where the line comes along the north side of the NS main line east of the NS Inman Yard, and the resumption of single track at MP 3.7.