Junta to Elizabeth

From the junction where the Knoxville line trails into the north side of the Western & Atlantic (later NC&StL) line, between Chattanooga and Atlanta, at Junta (MP 48.1), the latter continues southeast, single track, CTC, maximum speed 60 mph, but local restriction 45 mph, turning just east of due south past a connection on the south side to the Cartersville sub. (former SAL) at Cartersville (also MP 48.1), curving to the east, with a speed restriction to 40 mph from MP 48.0, past a detector at "Cartersville" (MP 47.4), and then turning south, to MP 45.7, after which full line speeds prevail, past a 7,975 ft. siding at Emerson (MP 43.1).

The line turns just south of due east, just east of due south, just south of due east, south-southeast past Allatoona, with a speed restriction of 35 mph from MP 36.4 to MP 22.4, curvily just south of due east past a 6,710 ft. siding at Acworth (MP 34.1), curvily just west of due south past the start of Two Main Tracks at Moon (MP 30.9), a crossover at Kennesaw (MP 28.3), where there is a spur east to Vulcan Materials, south-southeast past the resumption of single track at Day (MP 25.9), where there is a detector, and east-northeast, southeast, and just west of due south to the start of Two Main Tracks at North Elizabeth (MP 22.4), and the junction where the "Old Road" (the Hook & Eye, now operated by the Georgia Northeastern Railroad) trails in on the east side at Elizabeth (MP 22.2).